Monday, March 22, 2010

Climb Day 8

Today I get serious about healthy eating. First stop is the grocery store. I love salads so I should be eating them instead of the unhealthy options I have been choosing. Grapes are a healthy snack as long as I do not eat too much at one time (diabetes). I have a plan, shopped, recorded my foods in my food journal (, planned my afternoon exercise, and located my tennis shoes! What could go wrong? hahahahah! Everything! There is an old saying, there is many a slip, twixt the cup and the lip. I have to make sure that does not happen to me.


  1. Sandra,
    I admire your passion and courage to journal your journey to a healthier you.
    I went to a training conference recently for "International Healing Rooms" ministers and volunteers.
    One of the keynote sessions was titled, "Healing is for Health." And they talked about healthy eating and exercise. - The directors of the ministry, a couple in their 60s who were both noticeably overweight just 2 years ago, are obviously living what they are preaching as they were both trim and vibrantly energetic.
    They taught about being delivered from a spirit of obesity and that many people suffer from deeply hidden soul wounds that produce a type of self-hatred that breeds self-neglect.

    I had this same revelation a few months earlier after praying against a spirit of obesity after attending a Kenneth Copeland conference, and beginning my own journey towards health, so I was all ears when they were teaching!

    I am reading a book they recommended, "Faith and Fat Loss." As I was reading it, I realized that, when self-hatred is the hidden root of obesity, which is the case for me, criticism is the absolute worst thing anyone can do to me in trying to help me lose weight - criticism only feeds the self-hatred lie that I am not worthy to be taken care of.
    And I know that criticizing myself to try to motivate me to lose weight has already failed for me like 100 times!
    But, God is good and He keeps teaching me every time I go to Him, and His mercies are new every morning.
    Although I have actively been seeking and experiencing much inner healing over the past several years, this is a whole new area of victory.
    For the first time, I see, not only my habits, but my desires, changing. I now desire to take care of me, and to eat wonderfully tasty good-for-me foods.
    Since October, I've dropped 2 dress sizes and I exercise regularly.
    I can't say that I am loving to exercise yet. But, when I experience how drastically it suppresses my appetite, helping to put ME back in control of my eating, I know it is worth it.
    My choice was to make a few healthy changes, and conquer those, before adding in more healthy changes.
    And, of course, I've had a few setbacks - but on those days, I wake up the following morning and say, "ok, it's a new day, time to be good to myself again."

    Sandra, remember to bless and honor the wonderful person you already are, with God's words of love and grace as you are progressively experiencing His healing of your body.

    Our bodies - God's wonderful gift!

    One of my motto's, "it isn't entirely my FAULT that I became obese, but it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to recover."

  2. Sandra, I am so proud of you. It is a very hard thing to change old habits. I am currently working on it myself, must get rid of the baby weight(how long can I call it baby weight?)
    I find that in hot weather that frozen grapes are a great treat.

  3. Tammy, thank you for your pep talk. I have never considered having a spirit of obesity. I will come back to your comments again and again. I am happy for you to get control of your eating and exercise habits. I know this takes discipline and it took me a long time to realize that one of my problems is discipline. I went to Wellness Coaching for two years with no results. There may be something to this feeling of self hate. I must think about it!

  4. Natalie,
    I am going to try the frozen grapes. I just bought grapes today! You will get rid of your baby weight. You have been enjoying motherhood and that is a very good thing. It is so good to hear from you. Say hi to Jeff for me! Take care of those babies!


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