Sunday, March 28, 2010

Climb Day 14 Walking

I promised I would walk and I did!!!!!!!   I walked down the street to the track and managed one lap before I had to walk back home. Painfully embarrassing that I had to leave so fast but I did it and that is a start. Maybe I can walk two laps tomorrow. I might walk one lap every day and build up if I can. I am very happy I did this walk. Good start for a sedentary woman. On to tomorrow!


  1. Sandra I admire your courage, I am more than 100 pounds overweight and am determined to do something about it this year. Seeing you put it all out here on the internet is encouragement to me. I truly wish you well.

    your cousin Kathy

  2. Kathy, it sounds like you and I are in pretty much the same boat. I am tall so if I lost a hundred pounds I would look really good. 5'7"
    I am sick of all the health issues that go along with this weight. I used to work in a hospital and was fairly active. Now that I am no longer active my body is changing and it is really bad. I want to last a few more years and this is the only way to do it. I appreciate your encouragement and wish you all the best. I had hoped my story would help someone.

    Your cousin Sandra

  3. COngrats on the walk Sandra. I think it is a great thing you are doing for yourself. I took up running after the girls were born and I can't say I love it but it does make me feel good and I do miss it when I don't go. It took a long time to get here though, I have been doing it 9months. To stay motivated I have been entering races 5km for newyears and I am running 10km in may for Ella fundraising money for the hospital. I check in every day. Keep up the good work.


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