Thursday, March 18, 2010

Climb Day 4

Getting a handle on the right foods is not easy. There is a balancing act that must be maintained. I am a diabetic. You never get to take a break from being a diabetic. Most people think diabetics should not eat sugar. They do not know that fried breaded foods are absolute destroyers for a person with diabetes! Eating sugar causes spikes in your glucose levels that are dangerous but can be controlled. Fried foods with flour stay in the system longer and keep your glucose levels higher longer.

Add to this gluten intolerance and you now have two strikes against wheat flour and of course, fried foods. Gluten intolerance is serious. My pharmacist friend and brother in the church, Don Apple, told me that one in four people have gluten intolerance and do not know it! How is that for a silent sickness?

My brain does not compute the notion that eating bread or breaded foods( wheat, barley, rye) will cause respiratory problems, constipation, diarrhea, itching skin, runny nose, and so many more problems! I WANT to believe it! I REALLY do, but I have difficulty accepting it. Therefore I stay sick a lot. I have got to change now! I mean now!  From this moment forward it is low carb for me! I am journaling at

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  1. Thoughts:

    This is delicious bread mix:

    Corn tortillas have been amazing.

    Also, I have also been using agave nectar because it has a low glycemic index.


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