Thursday, March 25, 2010

Climb Day 11

I got on the scales today. Of course I had to sneak up on them. The news was not good. Not bad, but not good. Before I started my climb I was eating really badly so I am having to catch up. I understand that everyone's weight fluctuates but it is not encouraging all the same.

In spite of my disappointment with my weight loss, I am using portion control and discipline to control my eating habits. Living gluten free is harder than managing my portions! I have more or less given up eating any bread other than corn bread and that is difficult as I live with people who love toast and jelly! Time was that I never really noticed the smell of bread toasting in this house. Now it screams at me when one of them makes the toast.  For you who live gluten free  here are a couple of links.
Live Gluten Free
The Gluten Free Culinary Summit
Living Without

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  1. Bummer! A fresh wheat roll wandered into the house and into my mouth. I am wheezing now! Weak moment!


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