Friday, March 19, 2010

Climb Day 5...Breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal to me. I really do not care about my food for the rest of the day but I need a hearty breakfast to get me started. So should it be bacon and eggs which I love...or cereal which I do NOT love?  I know this is about choices and I have already given up the toast, biscuits, english muffins, etc. Compromise is not easy!!!!!
I really need to start thinking about exercise. I already know I need to walk...duh!  Water!!!!!


  1. Have you tried quinoa? I used it in my soups and by itself, but recently I saw a great breakfast recipe. You soak the quinoa, then cook it with a little bit of honey and eat it with fruit and a tad more honey or also with some yogurt. I think it could be really good. You could make a big batch ahead and pull some out each morning. Oh and I also just heard about making oatmeal and adding a dash of cocoa to it to give it a sweet taste. Just some breakfast thoughts.

  2. Thank you, Rachael. I have been thinking about trying quinoa for a while. It does sound interesting for breakfast. Did you like it in your soup? By itself? Sandra


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