Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Climbing Out of The Darkness

After a thorough review of my habits I realized that I really do not want to manage my weight or health TODAY. That is the real problem. I acquired the foolish idea that I can always work on it tomorrow. Actually, I would love to manage my weight if I did not actually have to exercise. I am not an outdoorsy type of person. I never was. As a child I always managed to injure myself when I became actively involved with other children. In the sixth grade the week before school started I foolishly decided to allow my sister to pump me on the back of her bicycle. That is what we called it back them. It means I was riding on the back of the bicycle. My brother was racing us and I got my foot caught between the wheels. It dug a hole in my foot where I have the scar even today. Rather put me off anything adventurous. This is only one of my misadventures. Even as a young woman who was tall and thin I spent more time flat down on my face than upright walking because I fell down all the time. I blamed it on weak ankles.  Anyway you get the idea...I am not and never will be an active person.

However, if I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle something has to change. I read an article written by another weight challenged person with a unique perspective. She made the point that one would never even think about not brushing your teeth in the morning...combing your hair...washing your face, and so on. Yet it is so easy to indulge yourself with that double portion of food, or sit on the sofa in front of the television, or even read a book while lying on the couch. This struck a chord within me as I realized that I must make drastic and immediate lifestyle changes or suffer the consequences. I really...REALLY... do not want to suffer the consequences. God has kept my body functioning in spite of my disobedience and I am truly grateful for it! TODAY I change. No more talking, wishing, hoping.

 Oh, yes... this morning I got out of bed early, snuck up on the scales, braced myself for the shock, and walked across the street to the school track and walked for twenty minutes. It is not much but it is a start. I mean to do this every day from now on. Life is too short to live in the future. TODAY IS MINE.
Thanks to everyone for listening to my unique story.

Psalms 118: 24
This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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  1. Sandra, you are spreading the light of Love and that is what matters, God doesn't see actions but only intentions and you are helping more people than you know by writing!
    You are so right when you say "Life is short and today is yours"
    Have a FUN day,
    Mike Keller


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