Thursday, May 20, 2010

Climb Day 67 Water and Exercise

Water is my new best friend! In spite of the gag reflex ( hahahahaha) I continue to force the stuff down my throat! I am impressed that I no longer have the horrible caffeine headache I suffered at first because I naturally limited my caffeine intake. Oh, and I am exercising, too! I am quite proud of myself. I am doing modified pushups using the kitchen counter. I am sooo... sore! I am doing thirty pushups every day and hope to increase to fifty by next week. I am also walking  more. I walked twenty minutes in a department store today. It was huge! I know that is not supposed to count but I walked fast from one end of the store to the other for twenty minutes and that should count for something.  As you see I am trying to milk every bit of my exercise for your  compassion! LOL Anyway I am pleased with my work. I am beginning to lose pounds and will see inches come off soon.  Thanks to everyone for your support. I am changing my habits so I will begin seeing weight loss soon!

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